Bald Faced Hornets

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Bald Faced Hornets

They are most commonly found nesting on tree branches or in an aerial nest made from paper-like material. The bald-faced hornet is black and white in coloration, with a distinctive white face and yellow stripes across its abdomen. These insects generally reach a length of up to 1.25 inches (3.2 cm), and they can be recognized by their large size, black and white markings, yellow stripes, and bright eyes. While they look intimidating, these insects are actually not aggressive unless provoked.

Bald-faced hornets feed mainly on other insects such as flies and aphids. They also feed on nectar and plant sap, as well as scavenge for food in other places around the yard. These hornets prefer to nest in dry, protected areas, such as tree cavities or eaves of buildings. When disturbed, they may release a pheromone that signals other members of the colony to attack intruders. If encountered, it is best to leave the area and contact professionals for assistance in removal.

Impressive facial closeup of a disturbed and threatening European hornet, Vespa cabro with open jaws
Closeup view of a big hornet eating an apple growing on a tree.

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Controlling pests is important for Canadian Pest Control in Maple Ridge, BC because it ensures the safety of both people and property. Pests can cause significant damage to buildings and outdoor areas, as well as contaminate food sources with potentially hazardous bacteria or viruses. Controlling them also helps protect the environment from any potential harm caused by an elevated pest population.

In addition, controlling pests can help prevent the spread of disease or illness to humans, animals, and plants. Finally, it helps maintain a safe and hygienic environment for everyone in Maple Ridge, BC. It is important to stay on top of any pest problems that may arise in order to protect the health and well-being of the community. Canadian Pest Control in Maple Ridge, BC provides reliable and effective pest control services to help keep pests under control.

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