Maple Ridge, British Columbia, offers several options for experiencing horseback riding. more here

Here are a few places where you can enjoy horseback riding in the area:

  1. Golden Ears Equine: Golden Ears Equine is a horseback riding facility located in Maple Ridge. They offer guided trail rides for riders of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. Their scenic trail rides take you through beautiful landscapes, including forests and rivers, providing a memorable riding experience. They also offer riding lessons and horse training programs.
  2. Meadowridge School Equestrian Centre: The Meadowridge School Equestrian Centre, located in Maple Ridge, offers horseback riding lessons for all ages. Their programs cater to beginners, intermediate riders, and advanced riders. Lessons are conducted by experienced instructors who focus on developing riding skills and building confidence in a safe and supportive environment.
  3. Campbell Valley Equestrian Society: Although not located in Maple Ridge, the Campbell Valley Equestrian Society is nearby in Langley, BC. They offer horseback riding lessons and trail rides in the scenic Campbell Valley Regional Park. The park features picturesque trails that wind through forests and meadows, providing a tranquil setting for horseback riding.
  4. North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association: The North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association, based in Maple Ridge, provides therapeutic horseback riding programs. Their programs are designed for individuals with disabilities and offer a unique opportunity to experience the joy of horseback riding while receiving therapeutic benefits. They have certified instructors and specially trained horses to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

When planning to experience horseback riding in Maple Ridge or the surrounding area, it’s recommended to contact the riding facilities in advance to inquire about availability, booking procedures, and any specific requirements. Additionally, consider discussing your riding experience and preferences with the facility to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

Remember to dress appropriately for the activity, wear comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes with a small heel, and a well-fitted helmet for safety. Enjoy the experience of horseback riding in Maple Ridge as you explore the beautiful landscapes and connect with these magnificent animals. view more