Bed Bug Service Maple Ridge

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. They can infest homes and bite people, causing itchy welts on the skin. Bed bug control is important in Maple Ridge to get rid of these pests and prevent further bites and infestations. There are a few effective solutions to kill bed bugs and make homes pest-free again. Professional pest control companies use special chemicals and heat treatments to eliminate all stages of bed bugs from homes. Residents can also use desiccant dusts in cracks and crevices as a DIY treatment. With proper inspection and treatment, it is possible to get control of bed bug problems.

Call Now to Protect Your Maple Ridge Home from Bed Bugs

As a long-time Maple Ridge pest control company, we understand how frustrating and worrisome bed bug infestations can be. Our experienced technicians use integrated pest management techniques tailored specifically for eliminating bed bugs in the most effective yet environmentally-responsible manner. We conduct thorough inspections to find all hiding spots and nests, and use targeted treatments to get rid of bed bugs at all stages of life.

Our bed bug control services come with a satisfaction guarantee – if bed bugs return between regular treatments, we’ll come back out free of charge. We also provide tips on preventing future infestations. Call Canadian Pest Control today at (778) 598-7378 to schedule your bed bug inspection and treatment. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and put together a customized plan for your home. Don’t live with bed bugs – call now for help!

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